Dr. Clean - Color-absorbing laundry sheets (24 pcs/box)

Dr. Clean

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Highlight :
  • No need to worry about mixing loads, no dye transfer. Protects the brightness of colors and looks after your favorite garments!
  • Color-absorption Experts: One sheet per load, Unique honeycomb structure. Suitable for use in both hot and cold water.
  • Suitable for all kinds of clothes
  • Cotton Tee, School uniform, White socks, Underwear, Jeans, Polo shirt
  • Benefits: Can be used for hand-washing as well as in washing machines, Fragrance-free, Non-irritating, Absorbs color fast, Can absorb fluorescent agents, Soaks up dust and dirt, Protects the brightness of colors, Anti-mite, Anti-bacterial, Environmental-friendly and biodegradable
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Ingredients :
Zwitterionic surfactant

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